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    Unique & custom commemorative funeral art urns

    Designed to honor life and soothe the passage to the afterlife. Signed by Canadian artist Michelle Lemire

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    Our premium quality art cremation urns are handmade with the utmost care from ecological, noble and durable  mineral materials used for thousands of years. Our unique memorials feature universal, versatile, refined and timeless designs. We are here to help you create extraordinary commemorations and remembrance spaces.

    Our meaningful ceremonial objects are design to honor the memory of the deceased.

    At the intersection of sculpture, ceramics and jewelry, Michelle Lemire’s commemorative artworks marry porcelain, stone, bronze, silver and gold.






      We help individuals and families, planning their own or a loved one’s funeral, to pay exceptional tributes with dignity. This, with professionalism, respect, empathy and discretion for over 20 years. By working with us, you have the guarantee to make your wish a reality within the required time.

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