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Method to insert ashes into an urn

Once the cremation process is complete, the crematorium will return you the ashes back in a plastic bag in a temporary container. There are three different ways to transfer ashes into a cremation urn -  you can either transfer the whole bag with the ashes into the urn, pour the ashes directly into the urn, or pour the ashes from the container into a new plastic bag inside the urn..

Here are the steps you need to follow to safely insert the ashes of a loved into a funeral urn:

  1. You will first need to gather some useful tools such as a sheet of newspaper paper to deposit the urn on and another to create a funnel, gloves (optional), scissors, a towel and adhesive to seal the urn ( a clear silicone available in hardware is perfectly suitable for this use and will allow you to open the urn again if necessary).
  2. You will then transfer the ashes to the urn using your paper funnel.
  3. After inserting the ashes into the urn, gently remove the funnel to create more space for the ashes.
  4. Once you have inserted all the ashes, you can put the lid on. But if you want to seal the urn, prepare your seal for the next steps;
  5. Clean the urn opening and lid with a soft cloth;
  6. Place small silicone dots on the rim of the urn opening and on the lid;
  7. Then quickly seal the urn by placing the lid on the opening;
  8. Wipe off excess sealant before it dries.