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Cremation urn size guide

We want to help you choose the right size urn.

Deciding to purchase an urn for cremation is an important step. Before you decide, you need to determine the size you will need based on the amount of ash it will hold. We have written this guide to help you choose the right size urn. Here you will find the different sizes of urns available and their respective capacities:

Standard size urns for adults:

Standard size urns typically hold 150 to 200 cubic inches, or 2.5 to 3.25 litres, and are suitable for an average adult. They are designed to hold the entire amount of ashes. If you can not put all of the ashes in, you can also use a reliquary urn to keep the remaining ashes.

Large urns or double size urns:

Large size or double urns typically have a capacity of 200 to 425 cubic inches or 3.25 to 7 litres, and are suitable for a larger adult or for containing the ashes of more than one person.

Urns for children:

Small urns for children or babies are available in a variety of sizes, depending on which child is to be cremated. They typically have a capacity of 20 to 60 cubic inches, or 0.3 to 1 litre, and are suitable for a child up to 60 pounds.

Pet urns:

Pet urns come in different sizes depending on the animal to be cremated. For cats and small dogs, the capacity generally ranges from 15 to 120 cubic inches, or 0.25 to 2 litres.

Miniature urns or reliquaries:

Reliquary urns generally hold 3 to 20 cubic inches or 0.05 to 0.3 litres of internal volume. These miniature urns are sized to hold a tiny portion of cremated ashes. They are ideal when multiple family members want to keep a portion of the deceased's ashes. In this regard, they serve a similar function as funeral jewelry.