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Guide to Symbols

We want to help you choose the urn that reflects the beauty and uniqueness of your loved one's life.

Buying a unique art urn is kind of like buying a prom dress. Choose an exceptional outfit that will let the deceased shine in spite of his absence. To offer him the opportunity to be represented for the last time amongst his family during a commemorative ceremony in her honor.

The personality and interests of the loved one must be considered if you want to give them a personalized tribute.

In the collective subconscious and in culture, colors and forms have their own meanings. Knowing the symbolism associated with each of them enables us to better communicate the message, the emotion or the values we wish to convey.

In order to guide you through your selection process, we have designed this page gathering the symbolics of the enamels,  the forms and the materials that compose our commemorative works.

Thank you for your interest, this section of our site is under development